Green chemicals make life better

I rush to the workshop every day and deeply feel the changes brought about by the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise: based on the 5G+ industrial Internet project, most of the equipment start and stop realize one-key start, 90% of the valve operation and other links have realized intelligent control, and the inspection work is basically not Labor is required, "the working environment of employees has been greatly improved."

The bigger change is that the process has been greatly improved and the energy consumption and emissions have been greatly reduced.

In 2011, the production technology of the half-century old factory was about to be eliminated, and the labor cost was extremely high. "Only the process of removing hydrogen sulfide, the lye desulfurization method used, the process is unstable, the production link requires 3 to 5 workers, not to mention the labor intensity, but also produces a lot of waste." "Now we adopt wet acid production, The automated production line can be completed by only one person."

At the same time of labor reduction, the company's industrial recycling chain has been further upgraded, from traditional coal chemical industry and phosphate compound fertilizer to fine petrochemical industry and phosphate chemical industry. When I graduated from university and worked in Sanning, Sanning was still producing synthetic ammonia and ammonium bicarbonate. Nitrogen fertilizer companies, the company now has 68 main products in 32 categories, coupled with symbiosis, and realized "effective" production. Last year, the circular economy accounted for 36% of the company's output value. "For example, using multi-nozzle coal water slurry entrained bed gasification technology, single furnace production capacity is large, effective gas content is high, although the investment is larger than fixed bed, but the carbon conversion rate is high, liquid slag is discharged, and no tar, naphthalene and phenol are produced. Wastewater and wastewater treatment are relatively easy to realize the fundamental transformation of gasification equipment to ecological equipment, promote the company's industrial transformation and upgrading, and reflect green development." Speaking of today's new technology, it is endless.

In the past five years, the factory has been far from the Yangtze River and closer to home. "I feel so sorry that when my wife was pregnant and giving birth, she couldn't come back and stay with her. Now she can go home every day and grow up with her children." Now, What he likes is taking a walk along the river with his family, watching the ecology of the Yangtze River get better and better, and he is very happy.

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