Chemical safety has a "thoroughfare"

Towards the end of the year, as the chief engineer of Sinochem Shenyang Chemical Research Institute, Sheng is busy running several major projects: building the Key Laboratory of hazardous chemical safety risk early warning and intelligent management and control technology of emergency management department, building Sinochem chemical safety technology innovation center, and taking the lead in formulating national chemical safety standards. These projects sound a little obscure, but they are closely related to the basic necessities of life of ordinary people.

In 1979, a student with outstanding chemical achievements was promoted to Sun Yat sen University, which opened her inseparable fate with chemical industry. At that time, China's chemical industry was still relatively backward. Taking pesticides as an example, most important pesticides are produced by importing or imitating foreign processes, which has low benefits and many hidden dangers. "With backward technology and the same amount of raw materials, the output may be only half of that of others, sometimes accompanied by waste and even poisons." Sheng had some experience of the short board of China's chemical industry at that time.

How to shorten the gap? The responsibility is on everyone's shoulders! In order to find out more safe and environmentally friendly chemical process technology paths, students are busy with "white and black": soaking in the laboratory during the day, doing experiments, recording data and looking for problems; In the evening, I was bored in the library. Since the founding of American Chemical Abstracts in 1907, I began to sort out English publications and dig out technical clues... A large number of technological problems of important products have been solved.

"Chemical reaction risk research is an interdisciplinary subject. If you want to become an 'expert', you must have the foundation of 'miscellaneous experts'.". Students put all their energy into leading the team, building a platform and finding methods. Everything comes to him who waits. Since 2017, the chemical reaction safety risk assessment technology developed by the team led by Sheng has been popularized and applied in the national fine chemical industry, and the product yield, "three wastes" emission and injury rate per million man hours of relevant enterprises have reached the international advanced level.

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