Chemical industry park outlines high-quality traffic context

Recently, the reporter economic zone learned that the "Dongjiakou Port City Transportation System Spatial Planning and Detailed Planning and Design of Important Road Nodes" was officially announced to the public.

"Dongjiakou Port City Traffic System Spatial Planning and Detailed Planning Design of Important Road Nodes" detailed the planning period and scale. It is reported that the planning period is from the short term to 2025, the long term to 2035, and looks forward to beyond 2035 ; The planned area is about 19.27 square kilometers. The planning area of Dongjiakou Economic Zone Chemical Park extends from Binhai Avenue in the north, Jicheng Road in the south, Xinyang Road in the west, and Zhongxin Road in the east.

The planning goal is guided by the park's passenger and freight transportation needs, with the premise of ensuring the safety of the chemical park, and the direction of building a high-quality chemical park, with a comprehensive system of short- and long-term freight channels and special passenger lanes to effectively guide the near-term transportation facilities. Construction, taking into account the long-term transportation development of the park, creating a "safe, green, smart, and sharing" high-quality chemical park transportation environment, supporting and guiding the implementation of the park's entire chain of strong chains, multimodal transportation, industry-city integration, and closed management strategies.

The development principle of the park adheres to overall overall planning, integration of near and far, measures to local conditions, equal importance to passengers and goods, and separation of dangerous goods.

The planning content includes three aspects: external transportation system, closed park road transportation planning and green transportation planning.

Among them, the external transportation system includes the port system, the railway system, the highway system, the port road system, and the dangerous cargo separation system. We will optimize the port transportation structure within the planned period, rationally configure the port and dangerous cargo channels; strengthen the multi-modal and integrated external transportation connection such as railways, highways, and water transportation to increase the collection and distribution capacity; connect the logistics park to increase the flow Port speed.

In accordance with the requirements of “classified control, hierarchical management, and step-by-step implementation”, the road traffic planning of the closed park will gradually implement the closed management of the park in accordance with the actual situation of the park’s industrial structure, industrial chain characteristics, and types of safety risks.

According to the "Planning and Design Plan for the Intelligent Management System of the Chemical Park in Dongjiakou Economic Zone", the chemical park will be managed in a closed manner. Comprehensive bayonet and ordinary bayonet shall be set at the intersection of trunk and branch roads to realize the combination of trunk and branch, separation of passenger and cargo, and closed management.

The road morphology and structure of "the combination of trunk and branch" uses trunk roads as external corridors and core passages in the park, and branch roads infiltrate each plant area in the park, serving each plant area, and collecting and distributing trunk roads at the same time. "Passenger and cargo separation" has the dual advantages of efficiency and safety; interval organization ensures passenger transportation and ensures the comprehensiveness of freight coverage. "Closed management" As the fence is located on the inner side of the surrounding roads, and there are enterprises in the factory area, it is difficult to form a complete factory road, and the planning considers setting up a local factory road.

Green transportation planning is led by green behavior, creating an ecological, comfortable and intelligent transportation environment, providing an efficient and convenient public transportation system for Dongjiakou Chemical Park and Economic Zone, realizing the seamless connection of public transportation inside and outside the park, and evacuating passenger transportation in the chemical park flow.

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