What is the difference between sintering and firing?

In the non-ferrous metal smelting industry, people often ask what is the difference between sintering and sintering?

Generally, sintering indicates the state, and firing indicates the process. Sintering can be regarded as an end point of the sintering process,

1. Sintering and firing:

Firing: includes a variety of physical and chemical changes. Such as dehydration, gas decomposition in the body, multiphase reaction and melting, dissolution, sintering, etc. Sintering only refers to a simple physical process in which the powder is densified by heating, and sintering is only an important part of the sintering process.

2. Sintering and melting (Melt):

Sintering is carried out at a temperature well below the melting temperature of the solid substance. Taiman found that the relationship between sintering temperature (TS) and melting temperature (TM) has a certain law:

Metal powder TS=(0.3~0.4)TM

Salts TS=0.57TM

Silicate TS=(0.8~0.9)TM

Both processes of sintering and melting are caused by the thermal vibration of atoms, but all the components are in the liquid phase when melting, and at least one component is in the solid state when sintering.

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